Supervised graduate students

I have supervised several graduate students (Laëtitia Letoupin, Antonin Molières, Alexis Malécot, Ho Tien Lam) for the development of a Video Indexing tool in C++/Qt while doing my PhD in Bordeaux.

Since joining the MICC, I have supervised multiple italian students on different projects:

  • Alessio Benevieri, Railway Wagon Id Automatic recognition.
  • Federico Bartoli, Master thesis “Fast pedestrian detection via geometric and Soft Cascade approximation” [1]

  • Claudio Tortorici, Master thesis “Relaxed Decision Trees over multiple Taxonomies for Visual Recognition”.

  • Giovanni Giunto, Master thesis “Towards Spatial Codebook-free Methods for Image Classification”.

  • Andrea Ciolini (ongoing)

[1] Unknown bibtex entry with key [bartoliICPR2014]

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